We, Anja Neidhardt and Christina Zetterlund, would like to invite you to a seminar on 29th November 2022, 9:30 – 16:00, at Kulturparken Småland in Växjö, Sweden, and together with us discuss and challenge museum practices in design and beyond. Together we will investigate how we, through our various experiences, can re-think what a design museum is and does. Museums, as is the case of design, developed in parallel with Western Modernity with its way of forming knowledge and shaping a world. As philosopher Bayo Akomolafe says: “there is a need to go awkward”. Our idea is to create a (temporary) platform that will allow us to share our experiences of our very own ways of going awkward, and to collaboratively build knowledge from there. 

During the day we will listen to practitioners and researchers that has been working with how we can re-learn and re-make museums practices, how we enable other agencies and other histories to take place. You will be able to listen to Lisa Baumgarten (Institute of Design Research), Michael Law Barrett (The Museum of World Culture), Sabrina Rahman (University of Exceter), Anna Westman Kuhmunen (Ájtte, the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum), and Vanessa Zeissig (Scenographer and Researcher), and us. But we do not want the day to be just about listening but also about sharing experiences and thinking together about some of the components we would like in a future museum. Therefor there will be opportunities for both listening and sharing. The listening will be broadcasted through Zoom but you need to be at Kulturparken for the sharing.

It would be wonderful if you would like to join us on the 29th!

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är ett treårigt utvecklingsprojekt som drivs av Designarkivet i Nybro med stöd från Statens kulturråd och Region Kalmar Län. 

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