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Miranda Moss

Miranda Moss is a transdiciplinary cultural worker from Cape Town, focussing on socio-ecological sustainability through exploring the problematics and hopeful possibilities of technology. She has exhibited, performed research, made a mess, and given lectures and workshops across the globe in various art, science and public spaces, and has just embarked on a 3 year long research project titled “Regenerative Energy Communities; artistic and collective energy experiments for resilient agriculture” funded by the Swedish Energy Agency’s Program for Energy, People and Society.

Maja Söderberg

Maja Söderberg is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Tolg, a small village north of Växjö. She works with sustainability issues that are often based on food from both a consumer and producer perspective, but also questions about how we can transport ourselves sustainably and how we can reach a more open society. For several years she has lectured and trained on sustainable food, has written sustainable cookbooks and is one of those who run Nybrukarna, one of the first CSA (community supported agricultural) farms in Sweden. For her, sustainability must not only be an ecological issue but also a social one. For the moment she works part time with Save the children with integration questions and part time Nybrukarna were she, among other things, develops the CSA method.

Katarina Bonnevier

Katarina Bonnevier is an architect, artist and one of the founders of the art-design and architecture group MYCKET. She is currently working with the artistic research project Troll Perceptions in the Heartlands. In her work she is primarily interested in the borderland between the created and the living world and how the things we make, as humans, can support a more respectful world and way of living.

Franca López Barbera

Franca López Barbera is an Argentinian designer and researcher based in Berlin. Her work explores the intersection between nature, coloniality, gender, and ethics. Her current research builds on the introduction of consent in design-nature relationalities against extractive regimes. Prior to this, Franca has straddled several professions, working with various design practices, art studios, non-profits, and academic institutions. This year, she was the curator of the Argentinian pavilion at the 2021 London Design Biennale.

Anna Johansson

Anna Johansson grew up in the small town of Värnamo that despite its small size has been full of creative souls that enriched art and design in Småland. She has a bachelor’s degree from Linnaeus University Design +Change. Sustainability has been the focus in her practice, something that she weave’s into her own diverse craft that she practice through ceramics, crochet, textiles, illustrations and whatever she find inspiring. Currently she is working at Vandalorum i Värnamo as well as holding evening classes in art and design for children and teenagers. Previously she has worked with activities aimed at people with cognitive disability and prior to that she worked for many years as a carpenter.

Andrea Botero Cabrera

Andrea Botero Cabrera is a Colombian-born, Finland-based designer and researcher. Her design works explores technologies, services, and media for collectives and communities. Through her research work she aims to understand how collectives come to understand the design spaces available to them and how designers could support infrastructuring processes around those spaces. Andrea has a Doctor of Arts (DA) in New Media, an MA in product and strategic design from Aalto University, and a BA in Industrial Design from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She works as Research Fellow at the School of Art, Design and Architecture in Aalto University (FIN) and is also adjunct professor at the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia (COL).

Bianca Elzenbaumer

Bianca Elzenbaumer is a design researcher based in the Italian Alps. She completed her doctorate at Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2014 with a research on precarious working conditions and on how to mobilise design to undo them. Elzenbaumer is a founding member of the design practice Brave New Alps. As a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at Eurac Research (IT) she coordinates the Alpine Community Economies Lab. She is co-president of Cipra International, an NGO campaigning for the protection of the Alps. Her 40-year research plan focuses on supporting and creating community economies and commons starting from the places she lives in.


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